Tuesday, June 18, 2019

#TipTuesday Another Upcycled Project

I love upcycling! I have so many pieces around the house that the hubs and I have upcycled over the years. This is one of my most favorites!
The hubs worked construction for over 30 years, and he was always bringing something home! One day he came home with this metal cabinet. It looks like maybe it was a library card catalog? I don't know, he took it out of a building he was demolishing.
I took one look at it fell in love! I could see so much potential!! All those drawers would be a perfect addition to my craft room!!
We immediately got to work taking the drawers out, sanding it all down, and cleaning it up.

We sectioned off a part of our garage to help contain the dust
and paint,
and protect all of hubbys tools and stuff.
The drawers were the hardest! They all had a
metal divider down the center.

The dividers were welded on, but he was able to use his
grinder to cut and remove them. I did leave them in the
top three drawers to hold smaller items.
I decided to leave the insides white and paint the outside and
drawer fronts purple to match my craft room.

The drawers all had a groove down the center (I'm assuming
for the card catalog springy thing). So I bought a bunch of 
foam board, cut it to size and put it in each of the drawers
for a smoother bottom surface.

I cut little labels to put in the slots of each drawer,
displaying its contents.
Well, that's it. That's my metal cabinet makeover! It holds so much stuff and I absolutely love it. I don't think I will EVER part with it lol. It is super heavy, especially filled, so we put wheels on it to make it easier to move around if needed.

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  1. Based on this post, I'm going to try to follow you! Beautiful! And now I'm going to look at other posts, in between cooking for Thanksgiving, of course!