Saturday, June 8, 2019

I’ve outgrown my Craft Room!! 😩

This. This right here is why I’ve been unable to craft very much lately. This was my Craft Room - a 9' x 11' spare bedroom that I turned into my Craft Room after my daughter moved out. As my supplies grew, I’ve tried and tried and tried to organize and reorganize and go through and get rid of ... It’s been so overwhelming 😩
(Click pic for better view)
I finally admitted that I’ve outgrown this small craft room! Soooo, with hubby’s help & encouragement, I moved it all to my basement family room!

I'm a huge Margaritaville fan. So when I designed my basement family room years ago, I decorated in that theme and call it Bowmanitaville (I even have a Bowmanitaville Bar!!🤣). 

A few years ago, I started selling LuLaRoe. Since my kids moved out and it was just the hubs and I, I set up my LuLaRoe in the family room. I also hold crafting classes. So when I do, I move all of my racks and photography equipment and hold crafting/card making classes there. Thus came the idea to combine both LuLaRoe and crafting!

First, I had to organize and clear all of my equipment to make room for my craft furniture and supplies. This is what it looked like …

It took quite awhile to clear everything and move the contents of my craft room. I still have a lot of organizing, decorating and arranging to do, but at least I have tons of room to craft now! Here's what it looks like now …
Entering the room, Before and after

Before and after. The door on the right is a bedroom. I put all of my LuLaRoe clothing racks
and photography equipment in there. It's really easy to pull the racks into the main room
when I have people over for a LuLaRoe Pop Up party.

I used chalkboard Contact paper to cover the doors
of these 2 storage cabinets. It's easy to see
at a glance what I have stored inside.

I have my Cricut and Cricut supplies all in one place!
I use the drawers of this filing cabinet hutch
to store all of my colored cardstock in hanging files.

I use these mini crates to store my Stampin' Up! stamp sets
on my desk for easy access.

I'm a Paper Pumpkin subscriber, so I get a kit every month.
For some unknown (until now!) reason, I've been
hoarding most of the boxes. I turned them inside out
and cut some DSP to cover one end,
then labeled them with their contents. 
Here's the room where I store my LuLaRoe. The rolling racks are super easy
to roll into the main room for parties or photographing.
A friend of mine built this awesome pull down table (I still have to paint &
decorate it!). I use it for photographing my LuLaRoe and craft projects. I love
the fact that I can roll out the racks and pull this down to take pics! So space saving!!

Well, that's it. That's my craft room so far. As I said, I still have some organizing and decorating to do. But I'm SO excited to have room to craft now! I went from 9' x 11' to about 22' x 17'!! I feel like it's so spacious!
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  1. WOW! You have any amazing space. I can see you live to sew. I really enjoyed seeing the different sètups you have made up for all your supplies. Thank you foŕ the tour and enjoy your lovely nèw craftsroom. I know I would. Congratulations

  2. What a great playroom! Your pull-down (and stow away) table is fantastic. Enjoy!