Saturday, February 10, 2024

Mini Pot People Shelf Sitters

Here's one of my latest craft projects ...

It all started by winning this box of pots at an auction for $4 … it’s a box of 48 2-inch terra cotta pots. I looked it up on Amazon and they go for around $20.

My first thought was to add succulents to a few and put them on my little kitchen shelf the hubs recently made me. However, this is how my brain works …

----> potted succulents  ----> painted pots for succulents ----> pot people! ----> pot people with succulents for ‘hair’ ----> my kitchen is wine themed - pot people with wine!

So that’s when I began searching my craft stash to see what I had. I found the paint, paint brushes, twine, and wooden balls. Then I went on Amazon and found fake succulents and mini wine bottles & glasses (I put a link to everything below)

I began by painting the pots. I envisioned stacking the 2 pots with the smallest end of each together to form the head and body, and adding a succulent for the ‘hair.’ So I painted one pot completely to create the clothes, and the other I just painted the top rim. (2 coats of paint)

While those were drying (& because I’m terrible at drawing/painting) I went to my Cricut Design Space and created faces out of permanent vinyl. When the paint was completely dry, I added the faces to the pots ...

I attached a small wooden ball to twine, fed the twine through the painted pot and attached the larger wooden ball. I repeated that to create the hands and feet, adding a dab of glue to hold. Making sure the twine was in place, I used glue to add the pots together. Once the glue was dried, I added some small fish tank gravel to the top pot and added a succulent. 

List of items ...

Found on Amazon

  • 2-inch Terra Cotta Pot (2)
  • Twine
  • Assorted Acrylic Paints
  • Wooden Balls - 2 small, 2 large (I just picked 2 sizes I thought would work)
  • Small Gravel (I had fish tank gravel on hand)
  • Mini Wine Decorations
  • Glue (I used e6000)
  • (optional)Cricut Explore 2
  • (optional)Cricut vinyl

**Of course, if you're able to paint/draw you don't need a Cricut. You can just paint the faces on.

And that's it! Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you create pot people, I would love to see them! Feel free to post them on my Facebook page (link below). And of you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Until next time!

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