Tuesday, June 11, 2019

#TipTuesday Upcycling

Don't you just love upcycling an item?
Here's a cart that my dad made me years ago. I use to have it on my deck and used it as a BBQ cart next to my grill. It had hooks across the front to hold BBQ utensils.
One day, I was looking at it and realized that I really didn't use it as much since buying a new grill with side shelves. So, I starting wondering what else I could use it for. My Craft room! Specifically, my Cricuts!! So, I sanded it down and painted it my favorite colors. That board above it is just a piece of wood painted to match. I used Velcro dots to stick my Cricut cartridges to it. It was great to see them all at a glance, pull off the needed cartridge, and pop it into my Cricut!
It was perfect, and I used it for several years. But then one day, after getting a new Cricut Explore & getting rid of my old Cricuts and not needing my cartridges, I decided that I needed to upcycle it again!
So I had my hubs build a new top for it! We measured around the top of the cart and made a frame. Then we attached the frame to a piece of laminate that was bigger to give me more space. Now the top can come off if I ever change my mind!

We also added wheels so I can roll it around.
With the added top and wheels, the height of it is now perfect to stand and work on projects or use as my cutting area!

Sadly, my dad passed last year. I am so happy that I still have this piece that always reminds me of him. It has to be about 15-20 years old and it has held up wonderfully!

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