Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Window Christmas Tree Using Lights

Do you live in a small space? Maybe you don't want to put up a big Christmas tree or deal with all of the ornaments and decorations? Well, here's a great option I found ...

A Christmas tree made out of string lights and put up on a window!

I have a small living room and every year it's a struggle to rearrange furniture to find the best place for our tree. During the pandemic, we weren't going to have many visitors, everyone was 'sheltering in place' for the most part, so I decided it was the best time to give it a try. Plus I had a dog and a new puppy that was getting into everything and I was afraid they would pull ornaments off the tree or knock it down. Here are the culprits at the time, very cute but very mischievous lol Paisley and Chesney ...

I first seen the idea online somewhere - Facebook, Pinterest, I'm not sure. I wish I had the link with the exact details, I'm sorry that I don't. But going from memory, you need Command hooks - clear for windows - 1 large for the top and small ones for the sides, bottom & base, strand lights (depending on the size of your tree, I think I used 100), and optional decorations. I found a plastic metallic star for the top and some red mini garland at the dollar store and I had the red ball ornaments for the base.

I have a bay window in my living room, at the front of my house that I decided to decorate. I used a small Command hook to place the star in the top middle first. Then a large hook right under the star to hold the lights, so it looks like the star is on top of the tree.
I positioned the small hooks spaced evenly along the sides and bottom of the 'tree', forming a triangle. I then ran the string of lights from the bottom to the large top hook, up and down to form the tree. For the 'base' of the tree, I positioned 2 rows of 3 hooks to hang the red ball ornaments. Then I added some red mini garland strands across the lights, using the hooks on each side ...

This is what it looks like from the outside ...

I'm so sorry that this is not as detailed as I had originally planned. It's been several years since I've done this and just came across these pictures that I thought I'd share. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, message or contact me and I will do my best to help you out.

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