Thursday, October 13, 2022

Wedding Reception Invitations

After 10 years (& 3 children!) my son and his girlfriend decided to get married this past Summer!! But, they had a little twist! His dad & I, and her parents all live in northeast Illinois. My son and his girlfriend live in northwest Indiana. But they decided to get married in Nashville, Tennessee! Another twist was just the parents were invited to the wedding, but they planned on having the wedding reception 8 weeks later in Illinois.

So, we all drove down to Nashville and spent a wonderful weekend. The wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful little wedding venue and everything turned out perfectly. 

Once we got home, it was time to start planning the reception! Wedding reception prep starts with the invitation designing! Naturally because I’m a crafter and card maker, my son and his bride asked me if I could make the invitations. And y’all can imagine my answer lol! 

So, after some discussion about what they were looking for, my brain went to work on visualizing some designs. I knew I would be using my main go-to’s … Stampin’ Up! & Cricut products. They chose to use the colors light purple and gray, so of course I was going to use Stampin’ Up! cardstock (it's absolutely the best!). I picked out the colors Highland Heather and Smoky Slate and the bride & groom both approved.

Next was pulling up Cricut Design Space to start playing around with designs. I tried several designs that just didn't appeal to me. After discussing options with the bride, we decided on a tree shape, cut down the middle and folded over to the center. When you open up the tree, all of the reception details were on the inside. So I began designing, attaching, slicing, welding, sizing and resizing until I got it just right. Believe me, there were several failed attempts lol. It's a good thing I'm always stocked up on Stampin' Up! cardstock!

After creating the final design, I needed to figure out how to keep the invitation closed. I searched my stash and found several rolls of white ribbon that had a silver edge. However, it didn't look right using white on the gray and purple. Fortunately Stampin' Up! also carries coordinating Stampin' Blends markers!! I colored the white ribbon Highland Heather and it was the perfect touch to hold the invitation closed!

I created the inside design on the Canva app and printed it on the Highland Heather cardstock, then cut and attached them to the inside of the card base. Using the colored ribbon, I then tied them closed. I think they turned out pretty great and the bride and groom loved them! (& so did the guests!)

Thanks for stopping by today! If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment ... I love hearing from you!


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