Monday, January 10, 2022

Interchangeable Glass Block Decor

One of my most favorite projects is creating a glass block decoration! I've made several over the years and I absolutely love the way they turn out! I've used my Cricut to cut out an image on vinyl and applied it to the glass block, added some lights and a ribbon and voila! Beautiful gift! Here's one I made after my mom passed away. I made one for each of my siblings ...

I wanted to create a few to give as Christmas gifts this year, so I began searching for ideas. Well, I can not tell you how blown away I was when someone (I'm so sorry I forgot who!) posted that she applied the vinyl image to window cling vinyl, not directly to the block! My mind started racing with ideas! So, I came up with the idea to create an image for every month of the year so it can be changed up and the block can be used all year long! The hardest part was deciding on images lol
Here's the products I used ... 

I got the glass block at my local Michaels store

I found this 6 pack of Fairy Lights on Amazon

I bought a roll of Deco Mesh on Amazon to put inside of the glass block

I found this frosted window cling on Amazon

I cut (12) 6.5"x6.5" squares of the frosted window cling to fit the blocks. On Cricut Design Space, I started by adding a 6.5 inch white square on my canvas. Then I searched the image gallery for each months theme and selected the ones I wanted. I sized each image to make sure that they fit inside the square, then hid the square before cutting the image. After each image was cut and weeded, I applied them directly onto the squares of window cling.

Here are the designs I came up with ...

I bunched up some of the deco mesh and a set of fairy lights and stuffed them inside of the block.
I even made a paper cardstock envelope to store all of the clings in lol ...

I ended up making and giving away 3 sets! This project was really easy to make. It was also very time consuming, but totally worth it. I am so tempted to make myself one! Maybe sometime in the future lol!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed this project. If you make one, I'd love to see it! As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me ...


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