Tuesday, August 31, 2021

September (snail mail) Smiles!

Let's send some smiles!!

Everyone loves getting some snail mail that's not a bill or advertisement, am I right? I have sooooo many cards that I've made (& tons of ideas for more!). I need to start sending them out!

So, I created this idea to help me mail or give a card every day in September. I smile every time I receive a card or note in the mail. If you want to make people smile, join me in this challenge. 

I created this list below as an idea guide. Fill it out with names and start sending or giving a card each day to them. It's just an idea guide, so for instance if you only know 3 local business to send to but have 12 family member just do that! Do whatever works for you ... just send a card every day to whoever needs a smile!

If you decide to join this challenge, post your cards on social media using the hashtag #SeptemberSmiles so I can see them.

Thanks for stopping by!


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