Monday, January 18, 2021

Use Patterned Paper As A Backdrop 😍

Are you an online seller? Do you photograph small items to sell? Stampin’ Up! has such beautiful Designer Series paper (patterned paper) you can use as a backdrop for your photos!!! I use it all the time when I’m photographing my Color Street nail polish strips to sell online πŸ˜

There are so many pretty patterns available! Here are just a few ...

I use the 12x12 paper.  There’s also 6x6 paper available if you have really small items. I just set it on my table under my ring light and snap the pic. Here’s my current set up ...
Then I can take a pic, adjust and crop. And this is the end result 😊 ...

I think it makes items look so much prettier! If you want to check out the Designer Series Papers (patterned paper) that Stampin' Up! has available, click on my shopping tab above :)

If you're interested in checking out Color Street, click the shopping tab above :)

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