Saturday, May 18, 2019

Gertrude got a makeover!

When my dad passed away last year, I took my moms goose while we were cleaning out his house. My mom had passed away 6 years prior, and she really loved this goose. She had a whole box of different outfits that she loved dressing her up in!
So, I took the goose, named her Gertrude, and put her on my front porch. I also took the box of outfits and I’ve been dressing her up for the different seasons and holidays.
Well, I finally got around to giving her a much needed makeover!

I started off by wiping her down. Then using a cement filler/patch, I filled in all of the little holes, chips and big crack on her neck …

Once that dried, I sanded her down and began painting her …

She looks SOOOO much better!!

I even made her a new outfit!! I used my Cricut and my new Cricut Easy Press 2 to design, cut out and iron on the logo and name on the back (Yup, we're Southsiders!!) …
I love her so much!! She turned out so cute!

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